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esa offers the following pre-employment solutions. Please click on a specific solution to learn more.

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Best Practices for Pre Employment Screening

    Employment History:
A detailed interview process with former employers to ascertain true dates of employment, position, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, attendance, and overall job performance. The process typically involves the three (3) most recent employers within the past 7 years, but may be adjusted based on your specific needs.

Employment Verification:
A detailed interview process with former employers to ascertain true dates of employment, position, reason for leaving, and/or eligibility for rehire. The process typically involves the three (3) most recent employers within the past 7 years, but may be adjusted based on your specific needs.

DOT Verification:
A detailed interview process with all former employers within the
past three (3) years to ascertain true dates of employment, position.
Also, in accordance to 40.25 of the DOT

Drug/Alcohol History Regulations, verification of:

  • Alcohol tests with a result of 0.04 or higher alcohol concentration;
  • Verified positive drug tests;
  • Refusals to be tested including verified adulterated or substituted drug test results;
  • Other violations of DOT agency drug and alcohol testing regulations; and
  • With respect to any employee who violated a DOT drug and Alcohol regulation, documentation of the employees successful completion or DOT return-to-duty requirements (including follow up tests).
  • Accident Information

Education Verification:
A confirmation of an applicant's dates of attendance, degree earned (if any), honors achieved attached to the degree and major field of study at all applicable schools. Typically only the highest degree earned is verified. Grade transcripts can also be obtained for an added fee.

Reference Checks:
An in-depth evaluation of professional or character references to obtain qualitative facts about the applicant that lie beyond the interview process. Customized questionnaires are welcome.

Criminal History:

  • County/Federal District: A comprehensive search using 3,000 county courthouses and/or 93 federal district courts to determine felony and misdemeanor convictions at the county or federal level.
  • Statewide: A search of state level criminal activity as available in the given state repository. Different states have different levels of information available. Some states have a TRUE statewide searches in which every county reports information at the state level. Some states only report limited information and may only provide database searches.
  • International: A search of felony convictions available on an international level in over 100 countries. Please contact the esa offices to see if we offer searches in the country you require, and what the additional cost may be.

Assessment Testing:
esa offers three types of pre-employment Assessment Tests that help determine organizational fit, personality traits, motivations, etc. Each offers a cost-effective tool to aid in the hiring process. The tests include:

  • Pass Ill Survey - This assessment tool evaluates attitudes towards trustworthiness, work ethic and drugs/drinking.
  • Behavior Forecaster - This assessment tool evaluates a candidate's behavior traits to determine likely success regarding job responsibilities. It evaluates interpersonal skills, personality traits and motivations.
  • Abilities Forecaster - This assessment tool evaluates a candidate's ability to perform general tasks in areas such as problem-solving, vocabulary, arithmetic, grammar, spelling and accuracy in handling details.

Social Security Trace/Verification:
A summary report to assess the validity of an applicant's social security number and to identify previous residence addresses. This is helpful to inexpensively ascertain jurisdictions for a criminal record check.

Credit History:
A determination of all names and addresses associated with the applicant's social security number, as well as comprehensive credit information such as the status of existing credit accounts, tax liens, garnishments, civil suits, and bankruptcies. Additional information for obtaining credit information is required by the credit companies.

Motor Vehicle Reports:
A review of the applicant's driving records, typically three (3) years, to determine the status of the license - valid, expired, cancelled, or suspended - and a list of all violations.

Workers' Compensation Reports:
An overview of the record of claims made by an applicant or employee such as dates and type of injury. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that the information can only be requested for a present employee or following a formal offer of employment to an applicant.
Not available in all states.

License Verification:
A verification of professional licensing or certification through the specific state regulatory agency that provides license or certification by type and status, associated disciplinary action, and dates of validity.

Compares information from an employee's Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility.

Other Searches:
esa offers additional industry specific and general searches for a variety of needs. For example:

  • Sexual Offenders Databases
  • National Database
  • Medicare/Medicaid Exclusion Database (OIG/HHS)
  • Terrorist Watch List (OFAC)
  • Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)

Please contact esa to inquire about any services you don't see listed.

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